Children and Adolescents

Psychiatric Evaluation
The initial meeting is 75 minutes long. During this meeting, Dr. Joseph will be gathering information about current and past issues that lead to stress. Dr. Joseph will meet with the parents and the child separately and then with everyone together. At the end of the evaluation, a plan for treatment will be discussed. In some cases, more than one meeting is needed to determine a plan for treatment.

Medication Management
Medication is not always necessary, however in many cases, medication can be very effective in helping the child or adolescent to achieve their treatment goals. After the evaluation process, Dr. Joseph will formulate a plan that may include no medication, continuing current medications, or starting new medications.

Talk Therapy
Dr. Joseph has years of clinical experience with various modalities of talk therapy. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long and scheduled one or more times weekly. While Dr. Joseph is trained in play therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma focused therapy, and supportive psychotherapy, she does not conform to a rigid psychotherapy model. Dr. Joseph will work collaboratively with the kids and their families to help them to identify and achieve their treatment goals.

Parent Consultations
Sometimes Parents can benefit from meetings with Dr. Joseph to discuss the different approaches to address their child’s needs. Discussing treatment, parenting skills, and techniques with parents can lead them to feeling more empowered and supported when making complex decisions about their children and their families. Parenting sessions are typically 45 minutes in length.

Family Therapy
Family Therapy Sessions are weekly and are 45 minutes long. Family therapy is helpful for identifying the complex issues that lead to conflicts between family members. The goal of the family therapy is to identify and possibly change patterns in the family dynamic in order to improve the family’s functioning.

Coordination of Treatment Services
There may be times when Dr. Joseph has to work with outside service providers, such as pediatricians, schools and other behavioral health professionals in order to determine the appropriate plan for treatment and to monitor treatment progress.